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Overview about Valai

Businesses today rely on network for its day to day operations. Hence network monitoring is very critical for a organization to eliminate the problem before it arises. These days networks span multiple data centers across the globe to provide the necessary information. This creates a huge problems for the network administrators to monitor all these things. It may be difficult in the real sense.

Introducing Valai, an agent based network, server and computer monitoring software solution. It monitors Servers, Switches, Routers, etc over LAN and WAN depends on your requirement. Valai continuously monitors the network and devices to detect the problems on the go so you can eliminate the problems before it causes head aches to the day to day operations

Top Features

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Valai editions

Latest Version : v2.0.1

Professional edition For companies

  • Server monitoring
  • Computer monitoring
  • Software monitoring
  • Monitor Network (Ping)
  • Both Windows and Linux Monitoring Agents
  • Free Update Support upto 6 Months
  • AvesInstall for installation
  • API support for integrating into 3rd party software
  • 24/7 Phone and Email Support

Community edition For individuals

  • Server Monitoring
  • Computer Monitoring
  • Software Monitoring
  • Monitor Network (Ping)
  • Only Linux Agent
  • Only Community Support
  • No Easy Installation
  • No API Integration Support


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